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VB 50 P, VB 80 P

TW dust plugs of Polyamide

MannTek DCC-V & DCC-M Dry Cryogenic Couplings

Elaflon Plus FEP hose assembly, crimped foodstuff fitting

ZVG 2 ACME nozzle for L.P. Gas / Autogas

visible: Magnet within the guard for the dispenser Reed Switch

DCC Dry Cryogenic Coupling for LNG

Coupling process

Vehicle refuelling with LPG (L.P. Gas, Autogas)

ZVG 2 ACME nozzle, LPG 16 hose

Elaflex Hamburg

Aerial view (left to right): Technical dept., small aisle stock, stock with loading ramps

LPG Autogas dispenser, ZVG 2 ACME nozzle, LPG 16 dispensing hose

Production MannTek, Sweden

Production MannTek, Sweden

Military road tanker Sweden

large reel with HD hose assembly, DDC-V (Dry Disconnect Coupling, tank unit) and DDC-K (caps)

Oasis EC100 electrically isolating couplers for CNG

Polypal Clean PCS25, RMC 25

Filling of houshold cleaning bottles

Fuel Grade Identification to EN 16942 standard, direct print on product badges for ZVA Nozzles


Ship engine room:
2 Yellow Band Expansion Joints mounted together for extra permissable movement

MK 50 SS

TW female coupler, stainless steel

Marine bunkering and cargo hoses

ship to ship bunkering

ELAPHARM and Tecnopal hose assemblies

AdBlue urea solution, road tanker:

DDC-M 50 Dry Disconnect Coupling, UTL 50 hose assembly on reel

Flexible bronze pipe connectors

Installed in suction pipe between dispenser and underground storage tank

DDC-M 80-3" Ms

MannTek Dry Disconnect Coupling, DN 80, gunmetal


electrically conductive 'OHM/T', with light grey cover, to EN 16820, Type A. FDA conform, homogeneous elastomer hose construction with smooth, black PTFE liner.

Adapter: DDC-M 80-3" and DAC-coupling (with pressure relief valve)

'Defence' varnish


Tied Flanges – Type ZS, Tie rods with outer limitation in rubber bushings

UTS hose assembly with AMKC 32 SS and AVKC 32 SS

'Camlock' stainless steel female and male coupling to EN 14420 - 7 with hose tail and Spannloc clamps

Fire fighting truck: CHS hose assemblies, ERV-OR Rubber Expansion Joint

MC 75-3" Ms

Female hose coupling for hoses, brass, with Spannloc clamps

Cabinet of road tanker:

MK 80 with VB 80 ADR SS (plug with pressure relief)

Lube oil filling, ZV 19 manual nozzle

Underwing aircraft refuelling

TW 100, SFC 100 TW, HD 63 C Neon