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TWO 100

TW coupling seal for Tank truck couplings DN 100 to EN 14420-6. NBR black.

Nozzle boot NB-GG

for GasGuard LPG nozzles

Oasis IV 108 Inline Trailer Breakaway, for CNG

SBS 250 - marine cargo hoses with built-in nipples

heavy standard bunkering hose to EN 1765, category S 15

Offshore FSRU (Floating Regasification Unit), connector for gasoil sludge / seawater

DDC-V 150 F

Unloading LNG road tanker

DCC Dry Cryogenic Coupling

RS 1 x 11/2 SS

Reducer Female/Male

Manufacturing warm forged parts

Example SC 150 Spannloc clamp

V 19-1" cr

Male ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, reusable. Slimline 19 SF (sulphur free) hose, black.

Petrol station in Singapore

ZVA Slimline 2 nozzle, SSB 16 Safety Break, Slimline hose assembly

Unloading chemical road tanker

Tecnopal hose assembly, DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling, Guillemin adapter

ZVA Slimline 2 nozzles, reduced spout


ZVG 2 DISH nozzle for L.P. Gas / Autogas, LPG 16 hose assembly, ARK 19 Safety Break

Polypal Clean hose assembly

Pharmaceutical production

ZV 500 nozzle for heating oil, hose assembly

Boat refuelling, ZVA 25


Slimline 16 blue

Quality petrol pump hose for gasoline and diesel fuels. Also suitable for fuels with ethanol content up to E 85 and Biodiesel up to B 30 ( BIO Type up to B 100 ). Meets weights and measures regulations, see overleaf. Cold flexible down to - 30° C / - 22° F ( LT-type down to - 40° C / - 40° F ). Corresponds to EN 1360.

Elaflex hose assemblies

Hose fittings: threaded, flanged, quick couplings, Dry Disconnect Couplings

DDC-M 80 SS; SG 3", VC 75-3, Elaflon FEP 75, DDC-K 3" SS ADR

Epoxy resin loading with Dry Disconnect Coupling, sight glass and FEP universal hose. DDC cap with pressure relief at container tank outlet.

Colour production: mixer

UTS hose assemblies

Elaflex Hamburg

Assembling COAX hose SL 21, with inner vapour hose, for vapour recovery Stage II

Unloading petroleum products at the service station (road tanker to UST)

LG 3" hose assembly for gravity discharge, LTW 50 hose assembly for vapour balance

Elaflex hoses


Elaflex Hamburg

Hose stock

MannTek Dry Disconnect Couplings:

DDC-M 80-3" SS with PolypalClean hose assembly, DDC-V 80-3" SS with pipe end

ZVF 50 UL 91 / green

Manual aviation fuelling nozzle for overwing service. Flowrate up to 400 ltr. / min. (85 IGM – higher flowrates are possible). Size DN 50. Working pressure PN 10 (140 psi). Temperature range - 40° C up to + 55° C.

Cargo loading of a tanker with petroleum based products; FHD hose assembly

Picture courtesy of Macoil International, Gibraltar

Elaflex Hamburg

Aerial view over the Elaflex premises

Connection DDC-M 100 with HD hose assembly to tanker

Ship bunkering from the road tanker

ZVF 50 JET overwing refuelling

with HD-C hose assembly